Women's Health Services - Dr. Ghayth Hammad, MD

Women’s Health Services

Women are often great at taking care of others, but it is also important that they take care of themselves. Dr. Hammad understands the unique health needs of women and the various health complications that are possible at various stages of life. From young adulthood to menopause, having a doctor who emphasizes wellness and prevention can set the foundation for a healthy life.

Annual Exams

Routine exams are an important way that women can stave off illness and identify any potential health complications that may warrant treatment. We take our responsibility to our female patients very seriously and aim to provide comprehensive annual wellness exams that reveal information about a woman’s health and help us learn how to better care for her needs.

Dr. Hammad can interpret the results of many different women’s health screenings, including cervical and breast cancer screenings. He can also perform routine physical exams, including pelvic exams. In addition, our office can assist in family planning, osteoporosis screenings, STD screenings, and more. We will work to ensure each patient is informed about her health, up to date on her immunizations, and educated about the decisions she makes about her own health.

Preventive Care

Knowledge is power when it comes to individual health. We believe in educating women about the proactive ways they can take charge of their own wellness and reduce the risk of future disease. After all, taking care of your body is a job only you can do. Dr. Hammad recommends living an active lifestyle, consuming whole foods, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep, and taking steps to lower stress levels.


Everyone gets sick from time to time. From minor ailments to chronic symptoms, Dr. Hammad will do everything he can to investigate the cause of a woman’s symptoms and put her on the path to better health. We offer a wide range of tests to diagnose health complications and identify an effective mode of treatment. When necessary, we can also provide a specialist referral to ensure our patients acquire the care they need.